Morgan Spurlock’s Done It Again!

Thank God for Morgan Spurlock, you guys.

First, he taught us that eating like some kind of demented, tapeworm-infested monster for a month straight would be bad for for our health. Without Morgan, who would know that eating a fucking Big Mac and fries three times a day could be harmful?

Now, Morgan is back to take a hard-hitting look at the world of male grooming.

Groundbreaking! Revolutionary! All hail master documentarian Morgan Spurlock.

Finally — FINALLY! — someone has the guts to break open the dark and seedy world of modern male grooming. Time and money well spent, everyone involved.

Let’s unravel what we’re going to learn from this masterpiece:

  • Some men have beards, some men have mustaches, some men have neither
  • Adam Carolla probably thinks you’re a pussy for using moisturizer

Hey, remember when metrosexuals were a thing? When we had to endure New York Times thinkpieces and TV newsmagazine reports about how now some men liked to dress well and be pretty, but they weren’t even gay?! It seems like Spurlock missed that whole epoch, because he’s devoted resources to letting us all know that metrosexuals are a thing.

Even fucking USA Today doesn’t like this movie.

* I hope you guys understand how difficult it is for me to mock something that involves Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Zack Galifianakis.


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