Subtlety, Thy Name Is Sorkin: The Newsroom, Episodes 2 & 3 Recap

I can’t believe it happened again… I thought I had posted the recap to last week’s episode of The Newsroom, but it simply disappeared into the vacuum that is the Interweb (much like logic and reasoned discourse). A few days later, when I saw it on a Scandanavian real estate site, I realized what had happened… I misused the magical asterisk! Why is the asterisk so fucking ubiquitous? Damn my slender ladylike fingers and stupid ladylike brain! God, I need a Zanax!

But, if Sorkin has taught us anything, it’s that just because we aren’t as perfect as Him doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep striving to be Cronkite-like. So let’s catch up.

Technology Is Confusing

It isn’t just Episode 2’s e-mail snafu (we were so dumb in 2010!) In Episode 3, Will gives a long speech explaining NewsNight’s new purpose. While I guess it was stirring in a “you’re smart if you agree with me” kind of way, it revolved around how the “Original Sin” that gave us the Tea Party was that networks were given the airwaves in return for an hour of news a night that they were allowed to sell commercials for. How does this apply to a 24-hour cable news network? Guess you don’t understand Original Sin.

Basically, if you’re someone who thinks the only reason someone could dislike Keith Olbermann is for political reasons… there’s an 100% chance you love Will MacAvoy.

Making Jim Halpert Look Tough

Look, Jim Halpert was fine for a while, at least until the number of smug shrugs at the camera hit quadruple digits. But, whatever problems he might have had, not being effete and smarmy enough wasn’t one of them. What does this have to do with NewsNight? Jim Harper makes Jim Halpert look like Edward R. Murrow (i.e. the epitome of manliness).

Thankfully, Maggie Jordan turns the worst of Pam & Jim on its head… what? She’s actually the worst of Pam’s ditzy helplessness without any of the redeeming personality? You must be a Fox News slave.

It’s Easy To Get An Awesome Job, If You’re In No Way Suited For It

Television is a noble profession. It’s full of the best of us, special creatures who only care about the Truth, who are able to surmise years of consequences from an event in the matter of hours, who are able to see things that others concerned with baser things like money aren’t.

The problem is when these magical beings are promoted to management. Let’s take away MacKenzie MacCorky for a second, because it seems cruel to pick too much on the mentally challenged. But how exactly did Sam Waterston’s character rise to the top of a cable news channel without caring about ratings?

Maybe it’s because he’s pretending to be a drunk in order to hide a stroke. Seriously, guys, I think Jack McCoy’s having a stroke.

Indian Bloggers Are The Smartest Guys In The Room, And Can See The Importance Of Wikileaks Before Anybody Else


Addled British-American Producers Know That “A Great Conversation About Government Is Coming” Before Anybody Else, Even If The Can’t Use E-Mail, Computers, Or A Dry Erase Board

Double Duh.

Will MacAvoy Is An Amazing Newsman, A Great Human Being And He Holds A Cigarette Better Than Anybody Since Edward R. Murrow

I’m not even going to dignify something that obvious.


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