Another Level Of Republican Douchbaggery

Remember those halcyon days of 2008, when the entire country, Republicans and Democrats alike, pulled together in hopeful anticipation of the change that Barack Obama promised, putting aside narrow partisan concerns in order to make America the country we all hope it can be?

No? Of course you don’t… unless you’re a member of the most cynical group of politicians this country has ever seen (and that’s saying A LOT).

Let’s hear from the Howdy Doody of class warfare (from this morning’s Poltico):

“This is hardly the president we thought we were going to get in 2008,” Ryan said on “Fox and Friends.” “This is not the Barack Obama of 2008 and it’s really kind of sad that we’re at this juncture.”

We can only hope that someday the fine Senator from Wisconsin hears the death rattle of his only child right before he’s about to succumb to anal cancer after a long, painful battle.

Then, we can all sit around at his funeral and talk about how sad it is, how brave he was, how his problems were just too strong for him… right before we break out in hysterical laughter and pass around the whippets.

Just when you think the Republican Party has reached its depths of shamelessness, they are able to invent a new drill bit to find another layer. Ryan’s quote isn’t an aberration… the past few weeks, the Republicans have followed a new talking point, which goes something like this:

“Let’s be honest guys… Obama just isn’t who we thought he was. We were as hopeful as anyone. I mean, when we think about that night in Grant Park… sorry, give us a minute. While we may not have agreed with everything he said, he represented change that we believed in. But, after four years, it’s just obvious he’s not who we thought he was.”

While it’s true that Obama isn’t who Republicans thought he was (A sleeper agent who combined socialism and Islamic fundamentalism in ways that defy things like logic and learning)… ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Wait, I know you aren’t kidding me, so FUCK YOU!

For four years we’ve had to listen to the most hateful, uninformed, manipulative bullshit in modern American political history (which is saying A LOT). And now we have to listen to you pretend that you’re as disappointed as anyone that change has been stymied and special interests and businesses continue to rule because your polls tell you it’ll reinforce the unease a certain segment of voters feel? You really think you can get away with this shit?

Oh yeah… the American voter is a lobotomized sheep that likes watching pretty pictures and getting angry, and can’t remember what happened on last week’s 2 1/2 Men without the recap, let alone a year ago. You’ll get away with it.


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  1. Phalluster

    LOL, OP is so mad. OP probably likes faggots.

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