Breaking Bad: Spiderland

Well, we’ve officially reached the point where one week feels like an excruciatingly long time to wait between Breaking Bad episodes.



Even halfway through this episode, when it became apparent that they were going to rob a fucking train, I assumed that story arc would carry us through the next few episodes, leaving the robbery itself as the mid-season finale.

So much for easing us back into things, Breaking Bad.

Then, on top of giving us the planning and execution of a massive heist in about two acts, the show turned everything on its head in those final moments. In one fell swoop, they destroyed the joy we were feeling at the successful caper, reminded us that this show is on a one-way ride to a very dark place, and gave Landry another pelt to add to his collection. Oh, Landry, you exquisite killing machine!

There’s not a lot to say about this episode other than breathless raving — the cinematography is exquisite, the performances excellent, and the tone thrilling. Landry/Todd’s murder of the kid on the bike is one of the great curveballs ever thrown in an episode of television.

Now, I can see the last three hours of this half-season being devoted to Walter, Jesse, and Mike’s partnership falling apart — and leading us to the place where we began this season, with Walter owning both a New Hampshire drivers license and a machine gun. When we first saw that scene, I thought we might not get back to that point until the ultimate finale — but this hour moved so quickly and took care of so much business that we now seem infinitely closer to that Denny’s.

There’s still much that needs resolution in the next 13 hours: when (and if) Walter’s cancer comes back, what becomes of Skyler and his children, how Hank eventually figures out his secret, and the fate of Jesse’s soul. And that’s just for starters.

Metaphor Watch:

Early this season, Breaking Bad seems to be headed in the same direction as Mad Men did in their most recent season, making their metaphors, allusions and themes more obvious.

  • Well, apparently all the references to Jesse James and Walter’s “there’s no stopping this train” line from last week weren’t really metaphors so much as blatant foreshadowing
  • The tarantula crawling all over the kid’s hands
  • Hank offers to watch Heat with Emo McGee, and there are certainly parallels between that film — with its shifting allegiances and its shades-of-grey hero/villain story — and Breaking Bad

What’s Up With Hank’s Mineral Collection?

I like to think the “rocks” occupy a place of honor in Hank’s home office. I just hope they’re not in Flynn’s room. Bonus: check out Hank’s “blog” on AMC’s Breaking Bad site. Not bad!

Is Skyler Still the Worst?

Is Lars Ulrich still a douchebag? Is Perry Farrell still peacocking on stage? Is Mitt Romney still committing daily facepalms? Is Will McAvoy still on a mission to civilize? Is ESPN still giving Tim Tebow too much coverage considering his limited accomplishments?


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