The Roots of the Red Sox Collapse

Welcome to Cheers Month, where we’ll be writing about Cheers throughout October to commemorate the 30th anniversary of its premiere.

I think I’ve finally traced the origins of the clubhouse cultural problem that’s currently haunting the Red Sox. You know — the beer and chicken culture that persists even after Josh Beckett got shipped to Los Angeles. Lester’s still there, after all. But now that I’ve found out how it began, the organization can begin taking steps to correct it. The evidence is right here:

Remember, after all, Sam “Mayday” Malone’s Red Sox career overlapped with some of the franchise’s worst failures (Game 7 of the 1975 World Series, 1978 pennant race collapse, the Boston Massacre), and Malone was notoriously boozing it up at the time. No doubt he was a terrible influence on Luis Tiant, Bill Lee, Mike Torrez, Carlton Fisk and the rest of the guys on the team.



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