Now That’s What the Dilemma Calls Music 2012!


Happy New Year, PCHA-ers!

It’s time once again to present my annual mix modeled after the abysmal Now That’s What I Call Music series.

As always, this mix is not intended to be a pure rundown of the best songs of the year — it’s a mix of the best songs of the year run through my own “Now”-style filter. These are the hit singles that play on the imaginary radio station in my alternate universe where people have good taste. So it’s a CD-length (approximately) playlist of my favorite songs of 2012, heavily weighted toward the upbeat, the singles and the songs I played over and over again throughout the year.

Forthwith, the music.

On the most recent Now compilation (#44, yes we are old etc etc), you’ll find Flo Rida, Psy, Maroon 5, Chris Brown and Train. The choice is yours…you’re either with Now or you’re with PCHA. You’re with them or with us. No middle ground.

1. The Hives/Come On

2. The Men/Turn it Around

3. Titus Andronicus/In a Big City

4. Bruce Springsteen/Death to My Hometown

5. Shearwater/Immaculate

6. The Vaccines/Teenage Icon

7. The Shins/Simple Song

8. The Killers/Runaways

9. Gaslight Anthem/”45″

10. Superchunk/This Summer

11. Japandroids/The Nights of Wine and Roses

12. Cloud Nothings/Stay Useless

13. The Walkmen/Heartbreaker

14. Twin Shadow/Five Seconds

15. Heartless Bastards/Parted Ways

16. Lucero/On My Way Downtown

17. JEFF the Brotherhood/Sixpack

18. Action Bronson/Contemporary Man

19. Moonface/Teary Eyes and Bloody Lips

20. A.C. Newman/Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns

21. Bat for Lashes/Laura

22. JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound/I Am Trying to Break Your Heart

23. Bob Mould/The Descent

Get most of the mix as a Spotify playlist.


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