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62 Days Late and a Dollar Short: The Best of 2013

The Oscars are over, so now we can FINALLY lift the PCHA embargo on discussing the best films of 2013.

jk, you guys.

Actually, I sent David Simon Cowell my year-end lists a while back so we could do a joint post. But here’s the thing about DSC: he’s a perfectionist. He’s been holed up in his writing den for months now, writing and re-writing and editing and re-editing and vising and revising his lists and responses. He works so hard on his posts — he feels his responsibility to Pop Culture Has AIDS so deeply — that he sometimes gets lost in the writing process. He demands that every word, every transition, every comma services not only the post but the mission of PCHA as a whole. It’s his blessing and his curse.

As such, we are moving on without him. The best music, TV and films of 2013, according to me and me only, coming right up.

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Breaking Bad’s Over: What the Hell Do We Do Now?

So that’s how it ends. With no alarms and no surprises.

"Breaking Bad" Star, RJ Mitte, Celebrates 21st Birthday At Ghostbar Inside Palms Casino Resort

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We Predict the Breaking Bad Ending

Only the world’s most obstinate contrarian would deny that Breaking Bad is in the midst of a remarkable final season — perhaps the greatest final season for a drama series ever. Of course, there’s one episode remaining and the small matter of sticking the final landing, which we all know doesn’t always happen.

But given what we’ve seen these past 7 episodes (these past 5+ seasons, really), there’s very little reason to doubt that Vince Gilligan knows how to end this story well. So all that’s left to do is to guess what he’s got up his sleeve. So, click through for our best, most educated predictions for how Walter White’s story is going to wrap up.

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Hey, What Happened on Game of Thrones Last Night?

Game of Thrones is a series driven by story — a giant tapestry of a story encompassing hundreds of characters, a long time span, multiple wars and a huge geographic reach. It’s epic in scope — so huge, in fact, that there’s little time for such trivia as character development, theme, or figuring out where episodes should begin and end.

The vast majority of GoT episodes cut briskly from one character to another, and from one locale to another, sometimes never returning after we spend a few minutes with Jon Snow or Arya Stark. The result is a feeling of constant momentum, but that momentum is an illusion because the plot actually advances glacially. And when a show is so dependent on plot — when that’s all there is — a lack of forward motion is a big issue.

Compounding the problem is that GoT has shown itself capable of greatness in individual episodes, notably with season one’s “Baelor” and season two’s “Blackwater,” the latter of which set a high mark thanks to a narrowed focus and consistent tone (and big budget). Those episodes transcended George R.R. Martin’s source material, while the majority of episodes merely try to keep pace.

Once a show has proven it can be great, it’s hard to accept mediocrity. It would be like if after “The Suitcase,” Mad Men spent most its episodes following Harry Crane and Ken Cosgrove diligently working on ad campaigns, with Don Draper providing the occasional supervisory note of encouragement.

So with season three of GoT premiering last night, let’s check in and see what actually happened in this episode, and whether we saw any notable movement.

jon snow game of thrones

Spoilers from S3E01, obviously, coming right up.

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2 Idiots Debate: Veronica Mars and Kickstarter

Did you guys hear that there’s going to be a Veronica Mars movie? Because fans funded it on Kickstarter?

You did? Not news?

OK, well did you hear that two aging blog proprietors got all worked up about it and had an e-mail debate?



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You Got Lemon; Make Lemonade — Goodbye to 30 Rock

The last episode of 30 Rock ever aired last night, and it was great — particularly if you view last week’s episode (which wrapped up most of the major plotlines) as part one of a two-part finale.

30 Rock 10

The show pulled off a delicate balancing act by: providing closure, hitting key emotional points with the main characters, being legitimately funny, and feeling like both a typical episode of 30 Rock and something a little more special at the same time. Even more impressively, Tina Fey and pals managed to produce a hilarious, compelling final season overall in this, 30 Rock’s seventh year.

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The 10 Most Despicable People at the Golden Globes

Last night’s Golden Globes were actually fairly watchable, thanks almost entirely to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who turned in one of the best awards-show hosting performances in recent memory. They managed to be funny, charming and even pointed at times, while avoiding Ricky Gervais’s “look at me, aren’t I naughty!” schtick. But there were so, so many terrible people at the Golden Globes! So many awful winners, nominees, presenters and innocent bystanders! Let’s count down the worst among them.


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