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The P.C.H.A. Era Mix

One of the most annoying comments we hear at P.C.H.A. is, “I just don’t listen to new music anymore.” It’s right up there with “Whitney Cummings may fall just short of being a comic genius,” or “Wanting to make out with Ryan Gosling is kind of gay.”

Imagine how weird it would be for someone to say, “I just don’t watch new movies anymore.” But, for some reason, music seems to be a culturally acceptable thing to lose touch with as people move toward death. I know, I know, music is like good weed… it’s hard to keep the connection going once you get older. But just admit that you’ve lost touch… don’t make it worse by saying stupid things like “Music sucks now” (“Books suck now”), or “Nobody’s ever going to be better than The Beatles, anyway.” (“Nobody’s ever going to be better than Andy Griffith, anyway.”) Help is available.

That’s why, two years ago this month, two scrappy dreamers from the streets of Wicker Park decided to provide guidance to those who’ve lost their way. However, despite a stream of great music ever since, there are still people who are comfortable being ignorant about music in a way they never would be with, say, movies (unless, of course, they have children, in which case death has pretty much already arrived, and it’s better to just back slowly away).

So, as a public service, here’s a mix of the best songs of the P.C.H.A. Era, in case you want to get your head out of your ass and join society.

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