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Things Mentioned in We Didn’t Start the Fire, Ranked by Worthiness of Inclusion

118. Wheel of Fortune
117. Rock and roller cola wars
116. Hula hoops
115. Chubby Checker
114. Walter Winchell
113. Studebaker
112. Edsel is a no-go
111. Johnnie Ray
110. The King and I
109. South Pacific
108. Rockefeller
107. Bernie Goetz

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The Curious Case of William Joel

Billy Joel represents a unique case in the history of pop music: an extremely popular, successful musician who quit in what could reasonably called his popular prime, and didn’t come back.

Joel walked away after 1993’s River of Dreams, his 12th studio album. He pronounced his retirement from pop music, and promised to devote his time to composing classical music, purportedly his first love. And goddamnit if he didn’t stick to his word.

Rock stars, or pop stars, or whatever you want to call Mr. Joel, don’t just quit. Bands break up, sure, but bands are comprised of disparate personalities and friction. Stars, successful musicians, don’t ever leave. They may take vacations, they may go on sabbatical, but they always come back.

Not Billy.

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