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Your Jeter-Centric 2014 World Series Preview

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2014 World Series began last night.

And this year, I think we all know the World Series means just a little bit more.

Because this was the last year that Derek Jeter graced a baseball field, and all that happens in his wake this post-season will happen under a large shadow in the shape of the number 2.

Both the Royals and the Giants have obviously dedicated their seasons to the Captain, and are playing to earn his undying respect. Sorry: re2pect. Therefore, we can safely assume that whoever wins the Series will do so by playing the most Jeterian game possible under the circumstances, and reinventing themselves in Jeter’s image.


So let’s this break this down so we can make a scientific prediction: who will win the 2014 World Series?

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30 Fictions: Your 2012 MLB Preview / A.L. Central

To get ready for the 2012 baseball season, we’re looking at each team by way of a short story or one-act play. Why? Why the fuck not. We move on to the chasm of mediocrity that is the American League Central.

Detroit Tigers (Predicted Finish: 90-72)

He pushes play on the boombox.


“Boom Boom Pow” by the Black-Eyed Peas kicks in, and Jose Valverde feels it. He doesn’t move though…not yet. He stares straight ahead into his bedroom mirror, and admires the massive, shirtless stud he sees there.

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